Greggs Scandal

Posted on May 21, 2012 by


Scandal hit the Chester branch of Greggs last week when the Roberts family blatently disregarded all rules and etiquette by eating a take out sausage roll in the cafe. Understandably, staff were left bemused and furious and quickly removed the offending family from the cafe area, issuing them with a suspended 3 week ban. Eddie was quoted as saying “Arthur was the one who made us do it, he can be a very rum lad at times. I will not be visiting Greggs any time soon. Sayers provide a much more reliable service anyway and their sausage rolls are nicely seasoned”. There has not been an incident as bad as this since Mr Pringle emptied a full Chicken Tikka Masala over innocent Bob Evans’ head in City Spice takeaway, which resulted in a 6 year ban for Pringle.

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