Supporters Club Unrest

Posted on June 4, 2012 by


The Chester Boughton Hall 1st XI supporters club has called an EGM after the recent string of recent results has left many season ticket holders disgruntled. An emergency ‘Jefferendum’ has been called to decide if the supporters club will make the trip to parkgate on Saturday. The supporters club, pictured above attacking the 1st team skippers car on Saturday, have many items to discuss on the agenda, including the tempting Ice Cream available on the front at Neston.

One supporter, who wished to remain anonymous, was heard saying “I hear we have possibly moved off the bottom of the fair play league. This is unnacceptable. I do not want to be watching a team that is gracious in losing. We need to remain tossers boy. Eeee”

Supporters club spokesman Jeremy Jordan, 26, issued the following statement; “I would like to confirm that an EGM will be conducted at the morsilium on Tuesday evening at 4pm. Light refeshments will be available, and people will be granted the right to free speech to conduct their views. The meeting will finish strictly at 4.46pm in time for the morsiliums owner to get to bed.”



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