Table Tennis Build-up

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Tension is building in what will be the most competitive (and first) Chester Boughton Hall CC table tennis tournament (in conjunction with Whitchurch Sports). The event kicks off after cricket on Saturday night, or possibly earlier if the heavens continue open.

Joe Killoran has been seen practising on the kitchen table, with dad Dave giving hints and tips on feet movement. However, will Joe be able to transfer from the tiles of the kitchen to the carpet of the cricket club?

Kumar Sarna has been seen resting well in preparation for the tournemant. He has only seen 2 hours of daylight this week, and the rest of the time has been spent in bed. 1 hours 30 minutes of this time was for food preparation, with the other 30 minutes spent on the toilet.

Lee Dixon has been watching old Olympic games videos, hoping to pick up a solid technique for use in the tournemant. Ross has been helping him chose a bat.

Steve Coppack, pictured above, has been having lessons from the Bulgarian national champion. He has purchased a new racket from Whitchurch Sports, and is a good ew bet to make the final.

Griff and Olly Thompson have had a spray tan in preparation.

Odds are listed below for all players with confirmed entry so far –

  • J. Killoran – 4/6
  • K. Sarna – 5/2
  • L. Dixon – 3/1
  • C. Fleet – 3/1
  • P. Thomas – 5/1
  • J. Jordan – 8/1
  • H. Killoran – 8/1
  • B. Evans – 12/1
  • S. Ogilvy – 18/1
  • A. Pemberstein – 20/1
  • T. Evans – 25/1
  • S. Coppack – 30/1 (tbc) (pictured above)
  • S. Law – 250/1 (tbc)
  • J. Fleet – 1500/1 (tbc)

Ladbrokes are currently taking bets.

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