Aint no party like a 1st Team party.

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After the disappointing loss to Didsbury on Saturday the 1XI decided to drown their sorrows in the clubhouse afterwards, getting through 2 bottles of sambucca.  Skipper Seamus, pictured above on Sunday morning, was in fine form.

A moment to sour the evening was when Mike Treen attempted to fraudulently use Ste Treens ID to get served at the bar. Mike was swiftly moved back to the pool table with a fruit shoot.

Mark Rowland was mentioning something about losing a mobile phone, but without interpritor Dicko present, no one could understand what he was saying.

Phil Thomas commented – “Ha way, I could nae believe the amoont of Sambucca they were drinking. I have contacted thee suppliers incase they win on Satorday.”

Asked about the evening, chairman Graham Vernon said – “F**k off”. Charming.

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