Si fought the Law ……………

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Hi Simon, are you looking forward to your comeback tomorrow?

I’m overcome with emotion, nerves and carlsberg for my return.


What special training scheme have you undertaken to get fit for your come back?

My cricketing return has been long been anticipated, since the 2011 dismissal of boxer Freddie Flintoff I have been on a specific training scheme with mentor Allan Lamb who’s encouraging words include ‘just hit the £@**ing thing’.


Who is your cricketing idol?

My cricketing idol is Jessie Ryder, his measured batting style and off the field behavior is an example all young cricketers should aspire to.


What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal has to be vegetables, brown rice and a lean grilled chicken breast washed down with a wheat-grass cocktail and a protein shake, I’m taking this very seriously


Favorite Beer?

I’m partial to the odd root ginger beer after a long hard match, maybe a fiery one if I’m feeling dangerous.


Inzaman Ul-Haq once tipped you as a future star for England. What happened to your career?

I fell out of love with the game and subsequently discovered an addiction to dogging and irn bru. I can proudly say I’ve been clean now for nearly 3 weeks.


Your recent book – Si Law does London has been  a best-seller. Do you have any tips for writing a good book?

The book revealed all and lifted the lid on society life and the racecourses of Britain . I can say with great confidence a follow up will be forthcoming.


Ryen Spencer-Wolfe is regarded as one of the best young bowlers at Filkins Lane. Do you respect his bowling in the nets, or abuse it?

I’m lucky enough yet to face Brian Spencer-Poodle, but he looks a really prospect using the 15 degrees give to its full potential!


Thanks for the interview Simon. Good luck tomorrow!

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