Under 11s view on Over 40s

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During a recently team meeting, the U11s decided that the o40s team was in need of a complete overhaul and have all signed contracts to play in the 2042 o40s competition. They had also noted that the o40s sit well bottom of their league, despite playing 1XI skipper Steve Ogilby, ex 1st teamer’s Steve Wundke, Heath Pritchard, Andrew Miller and ex Australia (A) superstar Geoff Foley. They were happy in the knowledge that by 2042 they will finally be able to get Fleet (snr), Jordan and Legry to retire.

Fleet (jnr) said “The 040s are in dire straights under the current management regime and I emplore them to resign asap. I have been approached by both Rogers (Cash and Miln) to take over from them immediately. There must be someone in the club to take over from the 3 stooges!!!”

Applications for the posts of o40s Captain, Chairman and Secretary should be forwarded to info@chesterboughtonhall.co.uk


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